Detox in Your Home™

Safe, Comfortable Detox for Alcohol, Opiates, and Other Addictions



Medically Safe

  • Detox protocol used by New Resources Medical Arts have been used safely for decades

Alcohol, opiate and other detox protocols can be done at home. It requires a motivated patient to abstain from alcohol and drugs during the detox period. A caring family member or friend is needed to provide monitoring. Preferably, two supportive family members or friends will be available. Medications and possibly other medical treatments will be used.  Some in office treatments may be used, but the majority of time will be spent at home during the detox process. Detailed, written instruction sheets and written medication record sheets are provided. With proper monitoring, physician communication, and compliance with protocols the process is safe and comfortable.


Comfortable and Convenient – at Your Home

  • Patients often have better outcomes in outpatient treatment vs. hospitalization
  • Minimize anxiety and fear

No one enjoys being in the hospital.  Residential Treatment Centers are often located in remote, rural areas, and lack the comfort of home. Withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs causes anxiety and fear.  There is no need to undergo the discomfort of being away from home, pets, family and friends when you need their support the most.  The American Society of Addiction Medicine and the National Institutes of Health completed a $26 million dollar study (Project MATCH). The study showed that many people have better outcomes with outpatient treatment.  Now you can detox at home and engage in the treatment and level of care best for you.

You and your family member/friend support person will be instructed on the use of medication and other treatments to assure a very safe and very comfortable detox. Some additional treatments can be received as an outpatient in the office of New Resources Medical Arts.


Completely Private

  • Be as private or as open as you decide, not your “treatment team” in a “rehab”
  • Keep your privacy and avoid shame, guilt, and stigma

No one intends to have the chronic progressive brain disease of Substance Use Disorder or physical addiction. However, there is stigma, guilt and shame attached to the disorder. Many people want the privacy of their own home to address this issue. They want to minimize the records created around their detox.  Many people want to “break their anonymity” when and where they see fit, not to a treatment team of strangers and dozens of other “patients and clients” in hospitals and residential treatment centers. Now privacy is possible with New Resources Medical Arts at Home Detox Program.


Physician Guidance Available 24/7

  • Your physician and treatment team are available 24/7 to give guidance, and monitor you
  • The treatment team has decades of experience in treating patients undergoing detox


Your doctor is available 24/7 via phone and email to monitor your progress, give guidance, and answer any questions. Nurses and counselor are available as well. Whether the patient or the family needs support, New Resources Medical Arts is there for you.


Cost Effective and Affordable

  • Regularly covered by insurance
  • Affordable financing available
  • More cost effective than hospitalizations and treatment centers

The cost of detox programs at hospitals and treatment centers can range from $10,000 to four times that amount – depending on severity of detox symptoms and length of stay.  New Resources Medical Arts offers a much more cost-effective alternative. Many treatment centers do not take insurance, nor have affordable financing. New Resources Medical Arts strives to work with insurers to gain coverage for patients needed detox. When insurance coverage is not available or falls short, New Resources Medial Arts provides affordable financing plans.


Other options to enhance your detox process

  • Bridge™ Device“A New Standard Of Care for Opioid Detox”

The NSS-2 BRIDGE is a percutaneous nerve field stimulator (PNFS) device system, that can be used as an aid to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.   This is an excellent choice for patient who want to minimize use of detox medication.  BRIDGE also gives extra protection from the pain of opiate withdrawal symptoms and can speed the process, while maintaining comfort.  When medications, ReNeuRALL and BRIDGE device are used – the result is a detox which approaches the realm of “painless” for the opioid use disorder patient. For more information click here.


  • ReNeuRALL™ Therapy  - Minimizes symptoms, speeds the detox process without increasing symptoms, and increases/speeds brain healing.

ReNeurall™ is intravenous co-enzyme therapy.  ReNeuRALL powerfully lowers detox symptoms and reverses brain damage caused by drug and alcohol use. ReNeuRALL allows the detox process to be “symptom free” for some people. ReNeuRALL often speeds the detox process and minimizes the effects of post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). The patient experiences obvious and measurable improvement in focus and thinking each day.  Some have remarked, “It is like having two years of sobriety in one week” or “I haven’t felt this clear, this good in decades”.


  • 24/7 at home nursing services

“Executive Detox” with 24/7 Nursing – Nurses are always available in your home or in a luxury rental. This minimizes office visits, assures exacting treatment, and prevents the need for a family/friend present as a support person.