Many people have ongoing pain since a car accident, surgeries or other traumas. Oral opiates are often prescribed and unfortunately sometimes leads to opiate dependency. Relieving the pain makes it easier to stop using opiates.

Osteopathy is used frequently at New Resources Medical Arts to stop pain and restore normal physical function.

Osteopathy does not provide a medicine for relief lasting a few hours. It seeks to restore function which endures.

Many people not healed by mainstream methods finally find relief with osteopathic manipulations.

Osteopathy focuses on the effects of physics on body functions. Specifically, osteopathy wants to improve or normalize arterial supply to dysfunctional areas of the body. Nothing can heal without fresh completely oxygenated and well nutritioned blood arriving and adequate venous drainage carrying inflammation waste away.

It is beautiful system of healing and has no side effects as it uses the body’s own mechanism of health.

Andrew Taylor Still, M.D. founded and named osteopathy. He stated to his students “Look for the health in the system, anyone can find disease”.

. Conditions Routinely Responsive to Osteopathy

. Backache with or without mild to moderate vertebral disk disease

. Any wear and tear joint pain – not rheumatoid arthritis

. Headaches

. Attention deficit disorders.


. Poorly defined pain and dysfunction after physical trauma

. Ongoing pain with no clear cut anatomic cause