Successful Scientific Sobriety

Even with well meaning, "excellent" traditional treatment - achieving sobriety is not an easy task. With traditional treatment, even for a highly motivated alcoholic/addict, sustained sobriety is difficult to achieve and failure is more common than not. For the unmotivated, it is impossible. If you know you aren’t ready, we welcome you when you are.

Research and experience has provided us with the most successful strategies to achieve sobriety.  However, few treatment programs and providers follow the most successful strategies for treatment success. New Resources utilizes cutting edge scientific and medical therapies to support substance abuse recovery treatment. Our treatments work, and are the best practices for recovery. Below is the list we have compiled of best practices for recovery.  People who follow these guidelines and strategies almost always succeed.



Successful sobriety strategies/success predictors from the scientific medical literature – 

Successful sobriety strategies from practical experience –

  • Positive, healthy social interaction with sober people who are interested and supportive of your sobriety and personal growth.
  • Rigorous honesty with yourself about your emotions and motives.
  • Accountability to trusted persons (sponsors, 12 step home groups, counselors or clergy).
  • Humility (learning how to identify and lessen ego influences).
  • For most, a daily relationship with their Higher Power.
  • Learning basic sobriety skills.
  • Learning how to identify and counter addiction and pre-relapse thinking.
  • Commitment to rebuilding relationships.
  • Family involvement in therapy or Al-Anon
  • Work with professional or sponsor to remove emotional pain.
  • Accepting or embracing "things we cannot change" or learning to keep a positive perspective.
  • Reducing or removing feelings of shame of what was done by the addict and/or to the addict during the using years.

Learning and deciding to use these strategies can save you years of misery and even save your life.