(Subcutaneous Naltrexone Implant Pellets)

 The Medical Standard of Care for Alcohol, Opiate, and Other Addictions[i]


Cravings Gone

  • 90-100% reduction of cravings
  • FDA approved medicine
  • CravCheq (Naltrexone Pellets) history of safety and efficacy for decades
  • Small pellets placed under the skin

Our science-based recovery program utilizes the FDA-approved drug, Naltrexone. Pellet Naltrexone has been used safely for decades throughout the world. The medication, called CravCheq™, consists of small pellets placed below the skin on the lower abdomen. Within hours following the procedure, cravings drop 90-100%.



Feeling Great!

  • Speeds brain healing
  • Increases number of endorphin (feel good) receptors in the brain
  • Increased feelings of wellbeing

CravCheq speeds brain healing from the effects of drugs and alcohol so you can feel better! Within one week of the CravCheq procedure, the number of endorphin/opiate receptors in the brain increase substantially– leading to feelings of wellbeing.

  • Accelerates mental, emotional, and spiritual healing
  • Improves treatment outcomes >80%

CravCheq removes the euphoria reinforcing effects, and physical cravings associated with alcohol consumption, opiate use, and other drugs. Once the physical cravings for the abused substance are suppressed, patients are able to accelerate their mental, emotional, and spiritual healing in order to successfully achieve a safe and sober lifestyle. CravCheq therapy helps patients emotionally engage in and enjoy recovery treatment.



Relapses Prevented

  • Blocks the effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Free from worry and pain of relapse
  • Establishes stable sobriety

CravCheq blocks the effects of alcohol and opiates. CravCheq gives a safety net for the addict/alcoholic to establish a base in sobriety, and put their lives together, without having to worry about further damaging relapses. Many patients, and most families, find huge relief in knowing that relapse is no longer a lurking threat. 80% of patients who were serially implanted with naltrexone pellets for 3 years achieved stable satisfactory sobriety.



Convenient and Long-lasting

  • Can be used for years
  • Each pellet works for 12 to 16 weeks
  • Minimizes discomfort versus other treatments
  • Minimizes time, money and energy other treatments require

With long-term use, CravCheq will work for years!  Each CravCheq pellet used gives you 12 to 16 weeks of craving control and relapse protection.  Most patients receive pellets three to four times per year.  No painful monthly shots, no missed pill doses, no pharmacy hassles, minimal lab tests, and minimal physician visits.

  • Quick, comfortable minor procedure
  • Return immediately to work or school – no “down time”

This minimally-invasive outpatient procedure is performed by a trained physician, requiring only local anesthetic, and takes 30 to 55 minutes.  Patients report the procedure is comfortable and the post-procedure recovery symptoms are minimal Patients are able to return to work or school immediately. See video below.



Cost Effective, Affordable, and Often Covered by Insurance

  • Far more cost effective than traditional treatment
  • Covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare Insurance
  • Affordable financing available

Traditional 30-day residential treatment programs cost more than $30,000.  Each relapse and overdose costs an average of $68,000.  The financial cost of job loss and productivity reduction is incalculable. Worst, the cost of a funeral for an overdose death can be $10,000 to $30,000. CravCheq price is far, far lower than the cost of treatment or relapse. And CravCheq is covered by two major insurers. Affordable financing programs through UGA financial is available to cover the cost of CravCheq.



Additional Information:

CravCheq is covered by United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  There are affordable financing programs available.

FOR FAMILIES: Please see the CravCheq section of the Family Page for family members who are interested in getting CravCheq for their loved ones.

The medication in CravCheq is also used for weight loss and autoimmune disorders.

CravCheq is safe, effective and not experimental. For an extensive list of scientific studies click here.


[i] Hsu, A. (2016, May 17).  Treating Opioid Addiction With A Drug Raises Hope And Controversy. Retrieved from