Succesfull Stories From Patients In Their Own Words...


  • 50-year-old male
  • chronic traumatic encephalopathy
  • alcoholism with multiple relapses

"I can’t laugh, I don’t feel good, that medicine doesn’t work anymore."

After day one of ReNeurAll, he tested 34% higher in cognitive function; by day 4, an 84% increase in cognitive function.

“I feel like I’m me again”

G.J has had no relapses in four months and is very active with community service.


  • 36-year-old female
  • relapsing each month despite 14 years in AA
  • Clearly demonstrating a desire and a marked inability to remain sober

ReNeurall was administered over five days.

Day 1             “I feel like I did before I ever did drugs the first time”.

Day 3             Her husband, with tears in his eyes, said “it is so good to have you say positive things a set of always complaining about what is wrong.”

Day 5             “I know I can do therapy now”

Sober for eight months now without any relapses since ReNeurall therapy


  • 45-year-old male with binge alcoholism

“This is my real brain”

“I feel so calm”


  • 22-year-old male
  • multiple drug use

“I feel my real brain”

“I have no cravings”


  • 26-year-old female
  • back pain and opiate dependency
  • 24 mg suboxone each day + benzodiazepines
  • ReNeurAll therapy + Cravcheq + Rolfing

“This is so different”

“My cravings are gone”

“I went from looking gray and old to having a normal complexion”

“I can stand up straight again”.

“When I first heard about this I thought the doctor was crazy”.


  • 24-year-old male using
  • multiple drugs since age 12
  • very poorly socialized as a child
  • marked deficits with impulse control
  • demonstrated very little integrity especially in keeping his word
  • father on powerful oral opiates for years

J.S reluctantly admitted to opiate use recently before the scheduled Cravcheq appointment, which was subsequently re-scheduled. A pre-Cravcheq oral medication trial was successfully done. Cravcheq was placed without any complications. Out of curiosity. James tested the Cravcheq by using Opana, one of the most powerful oral opiates. He found that it had no effect whatsoever. He had been very familiar with Opana previously. The second time he used an opiate, he was having an emotionally charged life issue after a fight with his girlfriend. He took Opana to resolve his emotional distress. Again, the Opana had no effect; there was no euphoria and no release from his emotional discomfort. He became furious that it did not work. Eventually, after settling down, he talked about it with his sponsor “like a grown-up”. He realizes he would be back in his full-blown addiction without the implant protection.

He has been at work for four months straight without missing a day for the first time in his life.

His mother called before Cravcheq number two, asking a lot of questions. Eventually she stated, “I don’t want anything to get in the way of the second Cravcheq”. She clearly sees the improvement and feels far safer regarding his protection against opiate overdose death.

He reports thinking better, feeling better and acting better. Objectively, others noticed the same improvements and an increase in maturity. He clearly has a long way to go yet toward growing up. Sequential Cravcheq will continue to protect him from his faulty undeveloped judgement as he learns sobriety basics.


  • 30-year-old female
  • alcoholic with multiple DUIs

Jenna could clearly tell when the Cravcheq had worn off. She felt her mood and energy drop in cravings returned. She got feedback from her probation officer and work colleagues about the drop in her mood.


J.h drank on top of her Cravcheq purposefully. She admitted that she was planning to drink even as she agreed to the first Cravcheq procedure. She noticed that she did not get much euphoria. She very quickly discussed the issues with her therapist.


  • 50-year-old with alcoholism
  • repeat relapses

After receiving cravecheq M.H has had no relapses and has become the number one salesperson in his realty company.




  • 30-year-old male drug user since age 14,
  • buprenorphine for the last 12 years.

He came to NEW RESOURCES for a buprenorphine taper, which was started. His mother gave him naltrexone 50 mg by mistake which. Within 2 hours, put him into immediate severe precipitated withdrawal which is worse than just stopping. 4 hours after the naltrexone he was in my office with a COW score of 30/36 which is intolerably painful. ReNeurAll was started and in 30 minutes his COW score came down to a 10. 30 minutes later it was up to 15. The NeuroStimulator device was applied and his COW score came down to 3 where it stayed during the remaining 5 days of his detoxification.

His comments -

“I can do this”

“In previous detoxes I would have been going mad to go use, but I don’t feel that way now”.

“I feel better than I have in years”.

“It gives me hope that I haven’t had since the addiction took me over”.

Once he started taking oral naltrexone, he reported marked gastrointestinal symptoms which later proved to be an intestinal infection. Before the infection became clear, he assigned his symptoms to side effects of naltrexone which was not true. The naltrexone improved his mood improved considerably.